How to use (and re-use) dayti eye patches

How to use (and re-use) dayti eye patches

Using dayti eye patches is an easy and eco-friendly way to boost your skincare routine with a visible improvement of your eye area! 

Before your first use, we recommend washing dayti reusable eye patches to remove any dust from the manufacturing process. Dry off with a cloth or place them print side down to air dry. Once dry, they are clean and ready to use.

On clean skin, apply a small amount of eye cream or serum to the whole area where the eye patches will be placed. Apply the eye patches with the text-side up and press lightly into place. The eye patches are oblong in shape and can be applied both ways, depending on which area you wish to target

Leave on for a minimum 10 minutes or as long as desired. Between 15-25 minutes seems to be the ideal time to reduce puff and even out fine lines. Although we have tried, it is not recommended to sleep with them on. 

Keep eye masks and product in the fridge or freezer for an added cooling sensation.

Can I put any product under dayti reusable eye patches? 

Pair with products suitable for the eye area and always patch test before use. We do not recommend pairing with strong retinols or exfoliators, as the eye patches can accelerate active ingredients which may cause irritation to the delicate skin around the eyes. You can read about some of our favorite pairings here.

Can I use dayti more than once a day? 

YES! You can use them for breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between — all dayti, everydayti! 

We love using them in the morning to soothe puffy eyes and plump fine lines, and if we are going out in the evening we use them 20 minutes before putting on make-up. 

When done, remove and wash patches with mild soap and warm water. Place back in tin box, print side down to air dry, and they are ready for your next use. 

  Watch our "how to use" video here. 

Why only wear eye patches for special occasions, when you can wear them everydayti? 


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